Wendy is an Acupressurist specializing in Asian-based bodywork, including Thai Yoga massage (Nuad Bo Rarn), Tui na, Zen Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Reiki. Trained in the US and Thailand, she started her professional practice in 2004 and has worked in upscale spas, fitness centers, yoga studios, medical clinics, and for corporate events and at conferences. 

Her Thai yoga massage is the application of soothing rhythmic pressure along energy lines of the body and slow deep stretches to relax, reduce pain, improve movement, and prevent injury. 

The Tui na for sports work she does involves rhythmic brushing, grasping, shaking, rocking, tapping, rubbing, joint movement, and stretching to create increased movement and relaxation in the body without the use of hard or deep pressure.

All massages are done clothed in loose comfortable clothing.