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  • B.A. Recreation & Business

  • NCBTMB Board Certified Massage Therapist 

  • SOMA Neuromuscular Integration Certified

Stefanie was drawn to Soma primarily for the philosophy of integration and holistic wellness. After years of working in government, higher education, municipalities and corporate consulting  in a project management and consulting capacity, she realized something was missing.. "I felt I was creating great changes in the positions I held and the people I worked with but somehow it just wasn't enough. This elusive transformational change I was trying to create and sustain was missing a big part of the puzzle.....the body!"

Stefanie realized that in order to create long term and sustainable change in the lives of others, the body must be included in that journey. And that is how her journey began with Soma. 

At the same time, Stefanie suffered her own injury that solidified how effective and transformational this work is. During training for a half marathon, she started experiencing debilitating pain in her hip. After seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist on a weekly basis for nearly a year to no avail, her condition seemed to be getting worse. "I was in so much pain that I couldn't move or work or exercise. I got so depressed and wondered if I would ever get back to being myself." 

After receiving only 3 Soma sessions, Stefanie was pain free. "At first I was confused that I was receiving work not just on my place of pain, my hip, like so many other treatments I had received. It wasn't until the front part of my body was worked on that my pain literally dissipated from my hip. After knowing what I know now, it totally makes sense! Our body is connected!"

From that life changing experience, Stefanie approaches her work with a gentle and respectful attitude towards the human body, mind and spirit. Working with a client through Soma really is a journey of client and practitioner together. 

Stefanie is a graduate from the prestigious Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration. She is a Certified Soma Practitioner and Licensed Massage Practitioner. Stefanie also sits on the board for the International Association of Structural Integration (IASI)