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We do not bill health insurance. We do accept Cash, Card, Check, HSA, FSA & PIP.

Athletic Stretch Therapy Session

Athletic Stretch Therapy is a bodywork session tailored just for you. You will experience elements from Fascia Stretch Therapy ™& Active Isolated Stretching. Clients may choose to have the entire session one of these prefered methods or a blend of the best elements of each of these methods specific to what your body needs. You may also experience Myofascial Decompression Cupping to restore movement after surgery or injury, Thai Yoga Massage stretches or SoMassage techniques to get deeper into the muscle where and when it is needed. 



60 Minute


90 Minute 


Thai Stretch Therapy

Thai Stretch Therapy, better know as Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, or Nuad Bo-Rarn in Thailand. Traditionally performed on a clothed recipient on a floor mat, we also offer a variation on a hydraulic lift massage table to accommodate clients that have difficulty getting down to floor level. 

With the use of repetitive rhythmic pressure and a series of increasingly deep assisted stretches that are similar to yoga poses, Thai Massage blends eastern philosophies of flow of the body’s energy called sen lines, with wisdom of how the body moves when in optimal condition. The outcome is a deeply relaxing and opening massage that is like no other. 

A full session focuses first on the legs, with multiple stretches addressing the hips and low back, articulation of the spine, and release of shoulders, arms, and neck muscles. Massage is received lying face down, face up, but also seated and side-lying. Recipients often report feeling taller, having increased range of motion, decreased pain and an overall feeling of openness throughout the body after a session.

A traditional Thai Massage session is 90 minutes to 120 minutes in duration. 




60 Minute

90 Minute 
120 Minute 

Medical Massage

The intention with medical massage is addressing specific areas of pain, using a specific treatments targeted to specific problems the patient presents. Medical massage requires a referral from a physician with diagnosis codes. Treatment is administered after an assessment/evaluation by the massage therapist with specific outcomes being the focus for treatment. Currently only accepting PIP, HSA, FSA and Cash patients for medical massage.


60 Minute / 4 Units

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